Stage 5. Defining the action plan

What has to be done?

This phase integrates both the definition of the actions that will carried out with the target population, and the tasks that must to be performed to implement them, such as preparation, strategies for population recruitment and retention, dissemination of activities and monitoring the intervention.

When developing a drug demand reduction intervention, it is common to think about the strategies that will be used with the population, so completing this stage will be accessible and familiar. One Step@a Time will help you design your intervention to make it as realistic and feasible as possible.

When this phase ends:

  • You will have a roadmap to implement the intervention.
  • You will have the answers to the questions of what, how, when, how much, where and who, with respect to the intervention.

If this phase is not completed correctly, there is a risk of:                         

  • Circumventing some basic tasks to implement the intervention.
  • Choosing approaches, methods and strategies that are not suitable to achieve the objectives in the target population.