Stage 7. Defining the sustainability and dissemination plan

What has to be done?

The intervention’s sustainability and dissemination plan is the last stage of the planning process and also the one that restarts the cycle of intervention improvement. The following diagram shows how defining the sustainability and dissemination of a programme points to the early stages of the planning process. Both the evaluation and the sustainability analysis can indicate the desirability of reformulating the intervention’s objectives, to investigate some needs in more depth and even to review the feasibility of the intervention.

At the end of this stage you will:

  • Understand the conditions necessary for the intervention to continue.
  • Have a strategy to inform the different parties involved about what has been achieved with their efforts.

If this phase is not completed correctly, there is a danger of:

  • Stopping the intervention.
  • Abandoning the intervention.
  • Missing opportunities to publicise your intervention and its results.