Stage 2. Analysing feasibility

What has to be done?

Assessing feasibility will reveal whether conditions are suitable for the intervention before designing it. In particular, the availability of the population to participate in the proposed intervention should be investigated, whether your organisation has the necessary resources to carry out the intervention and if it has the support and engagement of the community.

Remember that there must be a balance between population availability, intervention requirements and the resources available in order to conduct an intervention. Therefore, obtaining this information will help you make decisions appropriate to your circumstances and capabilities.

When you finish this stage you will be able to:

  • Decide if you can carry out the programme with the resources available.
  • Anticipate and remove potential obstacles to the intervention.
  • Save yourself possible disappointment from confusing wishes with real possibilities.
  • Understand the interventions that have already been carried out on the subject, how they have worked and the resources available.
  • Assess interest and support for the intervention.

If this stage is not completed correctly there is the danger of:

  • Designing a utopian project. 
  • You and your team becoming discouraged.
  • Frustrating the expectations of the population and other people who may have an interest in the intervention.
  • Encountering difficulties when implementing the intervention that could have been identified and corrected.
  • Duplicating resources and interventions that are already being implemented in the area.