STAGE 2. Analysing feasibility

What steps should be completed?

STEP 2: Assess organisational resources

When assessing the feasibility of an intervention, it is also important to analyse whether our organisation has the resources to carry it out: the organisation leading an intervention should have the means to implementation it. In this way, when analysing what you need, you can decide whether action is required to obtain more resources, to adjust the intervention to the resources that are available or to consider changing the intervention.

When evaluating your organisational resources, you might not have fully decided on which intervention to implement, nor the technical requirements needed for it, or even the budget required. However, the objective of this step is to make a preliminary estimate of what might be required, and assess the resources available and those required. It is about exploring the human, technical, financial and structural resources that will make the proposed intervention feasible.

  • Human resources. +
  • Technical resources. +
  • Financial resources. +
  • Structural capabilities. +

When you have compiled this information, One Step@a Time will suggest a tool to organise, analyse and make suggestions to help you cope with any shortcomings detected. +