STAGE 7. Defining the sustainability and dissemination plan

What steps should be completed?

Step 2: Planning dissemination of the intervention and results


Selecting the audience to receive the information is one of the first tasks to be done. When an intervention is carried out, there are various people who may be interested in knowing how the intervention has performed. These people may be the target population, the intermediary population (if applicable), the various professionals involved in the intervention, political leaders, the community in the region where the intervention was carried out, the scientific community, current and potential financers, etc.


It is advisable to select the most relevant content for each audience, according to their particular interests, and to transmit them in the most appropriate way to encourage their attention and facilitate understanding. It would be a mistake to transmit the same information to different audiences in the same way. For example, people or organisations that have financed the intervention may be more interested in knowing how the funds have been spent, so a brief executive report on these issues could be a good approach. On the other hand, this type of document would probably be less suitable for the community or the intermediary population, who are likely to be more interested in other aspects of the intervention.