STAGE 7. Defining the sustainability and dissemination plan

What steps should be completed?

Step 2: Planning dissemination of the intervention and results


The moment at which you communicate what the intervention has achieved is important. The following circumstances should be considered: if an outcome evaluation is being produced, any communication about the intervention must alter the results of the study as little as possible, so it may be advisable to postpone any dissemination of information that could affect the results until the end of the evaluation process, or at least to control the information that can reach the population that makes up the control group or the intervention group.

Once it is possible to demonstrate that the intervention is useful and/or effective, it is advisable not to wait too long before communicating the results, to take advantage of the fact that the various people involved still remember the intervention. However, since the outcome of this process is what the audience will remember, it is advisable not to rush and to ensure that what is communicated is correct and to select the information (which is generally preferred to be brief), and how it will be transmitted, carefully.