STAGE 2. Analysing feasibility

What steps should be completed?

Step 3: Assess the community environment


Drug demand reduction interventions are not separated from the social reality in an area. In fact, these interventions are more likely to achieve their purpose if they can be submerged into the culture and the current context of the community. It is therefore advisable to make a brief description of the community with respect to:

  • Sociopolitical characteristics.
  • Cooperative and participatory values.
  • Cultural values.
  • Health, drugs, and people-related concerns.

It is also advisable to investigate whether there are any social circumstances that could affect implementation of the proposed intervention. For example, imagine that a community is shocked and frightened by a series of acts of vandalism perpetrated by groups of young people. Faced with this situation, it would be negligent to omit the impact that this may have on the introduction of a drug use intervention.