Stage 4. Selecting the theoretical approach

What steps should be completed?

The following two steps have to be completed to plan this stage:

Step 1: select the theoretical approach or approaches on which the intervention will be based.

Step 2: review intervention objectives in light of the implications of the theoretical approach adopted.


Name of the project:
Date of registration:
Person responsible­­­­­­­­­­­:


Phase 1. Assessing the needs

Form 1. Magnitude, characteristics and consequences related with the use of drugs.

Form 2. Factors associated with the use of drugs in the population.


Phase 2. Analysing viability

Form 1. Assessment of the availability of the population.

Form 2. Assessment of organizational resources.

Form 3. Assessment of the community environment.


Phase 3. Definition in the population and the objectives

Form 1. Definition in the population.

Form 2. Formulation of objectives.


Phase 4. Selection of the theoretical approach

Form 1. Definition of approach theoretical.


Phase 5. Definition of the action plan

Form 1. Action plan.

Form 2. Execution process of and schedule of the intervention.

Form 3. Budget for the intervention.

Concepts Subtotal
Personnel (specify)  
Materiales (especificar)  
Travel and diets (specify)   
Other expenses (specify)  

Form 4. Sources of funding in the intervention.

Entity Concept % requested Amount


Phase 6. Definition of the evaluation plan

Form 1. Evaluation of the intervention process.

Form 2. Evaluation of the results of the intervention.


Phase 7. Definition of the sustainability and dissemination plan

Form 1. Sustainability of the intervention: assessment and resources.

Form 2. Dissemination of the intervention: audience, content, instruments, channels, place, time and person responsible.