STAGE 5. Defining the action plan

What steps should be completed?

Step 1: Specify intervention actions


After years of implementation and assessment of different types of interventions, some evidence is currently available on the efficacy and effectiveness of interventions to reduce the demand for drugs. One Step@a Time will now invite you to review the evidence regarding the type of intervention that you intend to conduct:

  • Preventing drug use. +
  • Reducing risks associated with drug use. +
  • Treating drug dependence. +
  • Reducing harm associated with drug use. +
  • Social inclusion. +

More information about evidence and related issues can be found at the following links:                    

  • The Best practice portal. EMCDDA
  • SUPPORT tools for decision-making in health policies informed by evidence.
  • How to prevent drug use in young people and adolescents. United States National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA):