STAGE 4. Selecting the theoretical approach

What steps should be completed?

Step 1: Select the theoretical approach or approaches on which the intervention will be based


The need to support interventions in sound theoretical models (approaches) is based on several reasons.

The theoretical model (approach) allows organizing coherently all available information on the magnitude of drug use, the problems and other factors associated with it and their impact in a territory. Additionally, the theoretical approach facilitates the identification of the possible changes or results that will be generated by the intervention in the target populations, both at short and long term. In other words, it allows to identify the variables and problems related to drug use that are expected to be modified as a result of the intervention.

Specifying the theory on which an intervention is based is necessary to evaluate its effects, because it allows predicting the effect of an intervention on a problem related to drug use, as well as identifying the variables that should be measured in the evaluation to verify how they have changed after the intervention.

The quality of planned interventions depends largely on the soundness of the theoretical model (approach) adopted, because it justifies and explains the elements included in the intervention (what is going to be done, why it is going to be done, and what for).