STAGE 4. Selecting the theoretical approach

What steps should be completed?

Step 2: Revise the objectives of the intervention in light of the implications of the theoretical approach adopted


Here are some suggestions for summarising and justifying the theoretical approach (or theoretical approaches) you have selected for your intervention. Different proposals are offered to choose the level of detail you want:

  1. Note the name of the theoretical approach or approaches, author(s) and year.
  2. Briefly describe the conceptual framework of the approach or model, its purpose and the variables or factors that it takes into account.
  3. Justify the choice to the extent that it a) helps explain why the phenomenon of drug dependence occurs in your community in relation to population characteristics and the needs assessment, and b) outlines the personal and contextual determinants that the intervention should focus on to achieve changes in the population (general and specific objectives).
  4. Justify the choice based on the explanations it provides on how to encourage changes in the population (activities in the action plan).
  5. Graphically represent the model (approach), highlighting its variables and causal relationships between them.
  6. Add the bibliographical sources or references for the theoretical model or models (approach or approaches).