STAGE 4. Selecting the theoretical approach

What steps should be completed?

Step 1: Select the theoretical approach or approaches on which the intervention will be based


Psychological treatments in the field of addictions pursue different goals:

  • To increase motivation for ceasing drug use.
  • To achieve commitment to the treatment process and to maintenance of abstinence in general.
  • To modify attitudes and behaviours related to drug abuse.
  • To increase skills to handle stressful circumstances and environmental signals that may trigger a relapse.

Apart from their own effects, they can also help improve adherence to pharmacological therapies and their efficacy.

The main types of psychological treatment (or treatments that include a significant part of this component) in the field of care for drug addiction are:

Motivational therapy/interview. +
Cognitive behavioural therapies. +
Multicomponent therapies. +
Family-centred therapies. +
Analytical and psychodynamic therapies. +